Scrum Excel Sheets – Free Scrum Tool Option

I was doing some research (and it’s in-progress) on using free tools for scrum at office … so there are some options using excel files. As we can use excel files for such purpose.
Here are my findings …

1. Scrum for self

An Excel sheet to help you plan one-man Scrum for weekly sprints.

Screenshot of Excel

2. Bas Vodde Templates

collected and published examples and templates of the Scrum product and Sprint backlogs. @

Product backlogs:

  1. A backlog from a company starting with a “c”.
    Download from here
  2. Product backlog provided by Craig Larman
    Download product backlog from here

Sprint backlogs:

  1. Sprint backlog from PFA Denmark provided by Jens Ostergaard.
    Download from here
  2. Sprint backlog provided by Richard Banks
    Download from here
  3. Sprint backlog provided by Craig Larman
    Download iteration backlog from here
  4. Spint backlog provided by Hubert Smits
    Download from here