JQGrid PHP Component

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Alternate: PHP Grid View

19 Responses to “JQGrid PHP Component”

  1. Zhed Says:

    i want to use some dropdown in form add and form edit,..
    how can i use it? i can’t find the example in the JQgrid file that i downloaded,

  2. Asha Says:

    Can i get help in using this component in Cakephp 2.5.

  3. robert Says:

    No edit, no update, no delete. Help

  4. shrikant Says:

    i used this but it is not editing my database only working with your own database

  5. jeanosorioJean Says:

    Hi, can I use and array to fill the grid and how?


  6. pi Says:

    urgently, waiting for a reply on purchase procedure please, thanks

  7. josh Says:

    seems to be a very good component and I would like to have a very basic example of how to use subgrid pls..

  8. Erry G Wiriaatmadja Says:

    I just tried JQGrid with my own table. My table has more then one fields as primary keys, on the grid “Actions” column showed only one record editable.

    Does JQGrid work only for table with one primary key only?

  9. abisbano Says:

    How to intercept mouse events on the grid ? Click, double-click, right-click ???

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