Migrating html4 to html5

JS Decompress (Dean Edwards) / JS code indent or formatting

Today, i was searching some JS library indentation / formatting tool to decompress obfuscated js file … and went through this nice online tool. Here are the details …


This little beautifier will reformat and reindent bookmarklets, ugly javascript, unpack scripts packed by the popular Dean Edward’s packer, as well as deobfuscate scripts processed by javascriptobfuscator.com.

The source code for the latest version is always available on github, and you can download the beautifier for local use (zip, tar.gz) as well.

Purify & Filter HTML

Sharing some findings for HTML cleaning and removing MSWORD tags using PHP. It is also very useful in Text Mining applications.

htmLawed – PHP code to purify & filter HTML

  • make HTML markup in text more secure and standard-compliant
  • processed text can be used in HTML, XHTML or XML documents
  • restrict HTML elements, attributes, protocols, etc.
  • balance tags, check element nesting, transform deprecated attributes and tags, convert relative to absolute URLs, etc.
  • highly customizable
  • single file of ~45 kb
  • simple HTML Tidy alternative
  • use to filter, secure & sanitize HTML code submitted in blog comments, forum posts, etc., generate XML-compatible feed items from web-page excerpts, make old HTML code XHTML-compliant, pretty-print HTML, scrape web-pages, and so on

To download click here.

HTML Purifier – Standards-Compliant HTML Filtering

HTML Purifier is a standards-compliant HTML filter library written in PHP. HTML Purifier will not only remove all malicious code (better known as XSS) with a thoroughly audited, secure yet permissive whitelist,it will also make sure your documents are standards compliant, something only achievable with a comprehensive knowledge of W3C’s specifications. Tired of using BBCode due to the current landscape of deficient or insecure HTML filters? Have a WYSIWYG editor but never been able to use it? Looking for high-quality, standards-compliant, open-source components for that application you’re building? HTML Purifier is for you!

To download click here.