Optimizing Web Forms for Conversions – Form Analytics

I was doing a research how to optimize your website Forms, for example increase signup conversion, reduce shopping cart abandonment, detect / reduce bounce rate etc. After little research, I found few solutions … among which ClickTale (a paid service) sounds best … but way too expensive for opensource platform developers.

Factors that i found & could be useful in detecting user experience in filling forms are as follows:

1. Time Spend on a field
2. Field on which visitor abandoned the form
3. Blank fields that were not touched
4. Fields that needed Refill due to some javascript error / validation

Also, these areas can be very useful incorporation with stats, to see many interesting insight.

1. Regional analysis (which region has most error)
2. Client Browser analysis
3. A/B Testing of 2 forms
4. Multi-Variate Testing

I wish someone could develop an opensource or free solution like ClickTale form analytics as it does not sounds like very much rocket science.

NOTE: Updated: 4th July 2011

I’ve drafted a beta release of Visitor Analytics powered by GAE, providing a subset of above mentioned features.
Interested candidates for beta can try it out by Gmail or Email me.

Existing market tools are mentioned below …


Form Analytics

Time Report


RevenueExpect works by capturing customers who have abandoned your shopping cart or form in real time and then transferring that data to your email service provider. With our direct integrations into MailChimp, iContant and Constant Contant, small businesses can now automate shopping cart abandonment and email remarketing campaigns.

Form Alive
Web Metrics Reporting

Using Jquery and Google Analytics events to track form abandonment.

Other Links

Google Analytics 50,000 sampling limit

On large sites, some users have reported discrepancies in data due to reaching the 50,000 page limit in the content report. In this case, Google Analytics will bucket the remaining pages in the "(other)" row item. Depending on which 50,000 pages are sampled at any one time, you might see small discrepancies. In addition, there is a 5,000,000 monthly pageview limit and 2,000,000 visit limit, both of which could affect these reports in the same way.



Custom Google Analytics Dashboard for your PHP Application using GA-API

Few days back, i was building an executive dashboard using  google analytics api. So i wrote a library, by which you can have required google analytics graph/charts inside your Corporate PHP application without going to google analytics page (avoiding 2 admin interfaces). You can embed any desired graph/charts (by providing desired URL) in your corporate website’s admin area.

Using few existing open-source tools, i tried to give same user experience as we have in google analytics dashboard panel. I have used Open Flash Charts for analytics like charts generation and data is fetched from google analytics (thanks to wordpress google analytics plugin).

Actual google analytics charts (image below) are almost similar to what is available in this lib.

Implementation is shown in working sample code which is available to download. You can enhance it as per your requirement.

In configuration file (config.php), you have to provide your Google Analytics User, Google Analytics Password and Profile ID. These information are required by google analytics api for authentication and analytics data fetching. You can get your profile ID from URL (as in image) when you log into your google analytics account.

Click here to download sample code. To download sample code, contact me by replying this post.

Update: Code is grounded due to stability / other issue. Apologies for all followers of this thread. Use this link as an alternate.