List of Useful jQuery Plugins

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Facebook user behavior model & MTA

An article showing some user behavior intelligence @ facebook, It looks like a craze of facebook, i’m personally not impressed with it. People used to say similar comments @ microsoft then google and now @ facebook.

One more thing … facebook is using ecelerity as MTA (as in email content header of facebook emails)

Received: from [] ([])
by notification+yy0cfcf9>)
(ecelerity r(34067)) with ECSTREAM
id B8/DE-10283-AFF5E5B4; Mon, 25 Jan 2010 19:22:34 -0800
X-Facebook: from zuckmail ([MjAyLjY5LjYyLjM3])
by with HTTP (ZuckMail);

Previously, i’ve heard of Port25’s powerMTA. (thanks to ashar bhai … our chief architect)