About Me

Asalam o Alaikum Warehmaullahe Wabarakatuhu / Asalam o Ala Manittaba Alhuda

I’m Azghanvi (@) gmail.com, working in a B2B business firm as a Senior Engineer. Also do consultancy work when someone is desperate of. May provide consultancy for concerned persons on:

* Existing PHP Application customization
* Website Speed optimization
* Database Queries optimization
* Search Engine optimization
* Website Security Audit

This blog’s value is just to share some technical stuff for future reference and help others. Feel free to post your comments and ask related questions.

You can get sync’d with me on http://pk.linkedin.com/in/azghanvi & http://www.twitter.com/phpArchitect

Need some consultancy, contact me on ‘azghanvi @ gmail.com

LinkedIn Profile as of 26th Jan 2012

3+ Years on high traffic website’s scalability, performance & security infrastructure (LAMP environment)

7+ Years on LAMP environment

– Designing of customized H-MVC architecture (+cakephp, code-igniter)
– MYSQL Load Balancer
– Sphinx Full-text Search Engine
– Memcached Experience
– Database Queries Optimization
– Security Auditing of website
– Performance Optimization of website (generation+rendering time)
– Integration of CDN for static content
– Apache Configuration
– Version Control System (SVN with various repository architectures)
– Customization of opensource applications

User Experience:
– Web2 design – with progressive enhancement
– SEO friendly Div based layouts
– CSS for Presentation
– Javascript, Ajax for User Behavior
– Usability Optimization with Click Heatmaps

– Research on Google Pagerank Algorithm
– Monitoring Search Engine updates and behaviors
– Link Building Strategies
– On-page and Off-Page Optimization
– Automated SEO Experiments
– Web Analytics Tracking and Reporting
– Landing pages optimization
– SEM, Viral Marketing using Social Networks (Automation using APIs)
– SEO friendly page layouts

– Web Stress testing using jMeter, Pylot
– Test Automation using iMacros
– Unit Testing Frameworks
– Code Coverage Analysis

– Kanban
– Agile Methodology / eXtreme Programming
– Traditional Project Management
– Cross functional Teams

– Velocity Conference (Web Performance)
– Google Search Algo
– Facebook Bigpipe
– Mysql OLAP
– Experimenting Startups

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. emadkhanqaiad Says:

    MashaAllah , Allahumma Zid Fazid … Great Experience

  2. Sergio Imperio Says:

    baixei a ultima versão e os botoes de edit e delete não funciona, e porque a versão e free, mandei email para comprar a versão, você pode me responder

  3. yawar Says:

    unfortunately, im not a php developer but its good to see your block online. 🙂

  4. kevin rank Says:

    Code looks good. When I use my data base I get all buttons for crud but none of them work. My data shows up. Edit shows up but will not save changes. Used example as base.

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