Realtime notices using Long Polling / Comet – (Alternate to Websockets)

The way Facebook does this is pretty interesting.

A common method of doing such notifications is to poll a script on the server (using AJAX) on a given interval (perhaps every few seconds), to check if something has happened. However, this can be pretty network intensive, and you often make pointless requests, because nothing has happened.

The way Facebook does it is using the comet approach, rather than polling on an interval, as soon as one poll completes, it issues another one. However, each request to the script on the server has an extremely long timeout, and the server only responds to the request once something has happened. You can see this happening if you bring up Firebug’s Console tab while on Facebook, with requests to a script possibly taking minutes. It is quite ingenious really, since this method cuts down immediately on both the number of requests, and how often you have to send them. You effectively now have an event framework that allows the server to ‘fire’ events.

Behind this, in terms of the actual content returned from those polls, it’s a JSON response, with what appears to be a list of events, and info about them. It’s minified though, so is a bit hard to read.


How does facebook, gmail send the real time notification?

How does incoming mail notification on Gmail works?

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