I’ve inherited 200K lines of spaghetti code — what now?

​I came across a very good question (as mentioned in title of post) and fantastic answer. This is common problem for senior developers / project leads who just landed on some previously coded project. I’ve seen such scenes quite a lot time and all ends in frustration and left unresolved.

Posting on blog for reference. Actual question / answers are here:

Top answer summary:

Executive Summary for the Impatient

  • Define a rigid project structure, with:
    • project templates,
    • coding conventions,
    • familiar build systems,
    • and sets of usage guidelines for your infrastructure and tools.
  • Install a good SCM and make sure they know how to use it.
  • Point them to good IDEs for their technology, and make sure they know how to use them.
  • Implement code quality checkers and automatic reporting in the build system.
  • Couple the build system to continuous integration and continuous inspection systems.
  • With the help of the above, identify code quality "hotspots" and refactor.

Now for the long version… Caution, brace yourselves!

Read here: http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/155488/ive-inherited-200k-lines-of-spaghetti-code-what-now

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