Markdown Editor for Fast Documentation

I am very lazy in documenting the product, which usually causes a serious issue in marketing the product. I searched how others are doing it and found laravel framework was using .md files as documentation, and the generated html on website.

.md was found to be a format known as markdown (since 2004). There are several other like restructuredtext (rst), which is linked with sphinx documentor to generated HTML book.

I liked the simple syntax of markdown, and started working on it. The motivating point was when i write something in notepad, i copy-paste it on live editor and can get the stylized html auto generated. (preferred)

Good thing is both generate raw html, which can be posted as wordpress blog article. And if your wordpress has some syntax highlighter plugin, it will publish your documentation pretty easily.

Just to log things, i am updating it on blog for future reference, and help some one in same scenario.

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