Experimenting SEO Ideas

Now as search engines cannot look as we humans do, there are some SEO strategic positions that google or any other search engine might look for. To get better serp (search engine result page) place your keywords in those strategic positions. For good keywords suggestions of your content, you can take help from free tools like google keyword tool or wordtracker.

Here are few seo strategic ideas / seo strategies that can be added in your webpage.

SEO of Content

1. h1,h2,h3:
H1 tag should contain the primary keyword of the content, and should be only one. You can multiple h2, h3 in your content.

2. meta title:
The title should be keyword rich, but write your meta title for humans first and then search engine.

3. meta decription:
Good Meta description will always benefit the CTR (Click through ratio) of your google listing, as it is shown  just below your page title.

4. <strong> & <em> tags
These tags are helpers for search engines, to pick important keywords of the page. So place your desired keywords in these tags.

5. first paragraph of page
Search engine gives special priority to the text of first paragraph of page. This should have crux of content and keyword rich.

6. table’s <th> and <caption>
If tables are used in content, these tags helps search engine to define what content type is present in table.

7. anchor link label
This is one most important weighted element of search engines, by what name, other pages are referring your content. This is usually achieved by ELB (External Link Building) or ILB (Internal Link Building) if you have tons of content in your website.

8. keyword rich url
Google gives priority to keyword present in URL. But another important learning is, if your URL contains many keywords, this weight-age will to particular keyword will get distributed.

9. ancronym and abbr
Use these tags where required to help search engines about abbreviations.

Keyword to Page Relevance

To increase quality of backlinks, the keyword must be relevant to page (for landing page as well as source link page). keyword density with in a page should not exceed 7% as is calculated using this formula

Keyword Density = Keyword frequency / total words in page

SEO of Images

For SEO of images (images.google.com), also consider adding following:

1. filename of (image/ logo)
The name of image file is the same rule as we define our keyword in URL.

2. alt tag
Search engines cannot see the images like humans do, they usually detect them through ALT tags

3. title tag
Title tags are important to store a description about particular image

SERP Checking Tool

For continuously optimization, check your SERP against some keyword, here is a handy SERP Checker Tool

http://ranks.nl (paid service) provides a proximity tool, to find out which keyword is more optimized in your site, and it checks it probably on above mentioned rules.

More reading …

More details available in an seo book “Building Findable Websites”.


3 Responses to “Experimenting SEO Ideas”

  1. markus Says:

    Anybody knows a thing how to make my site to the top????

  2. Kashif Says:

    very helpful i think alo

  3. Hasan Says:

    Great article!

    (moderated and approved)

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